About Our Vision

DRURAE was founded in 2021 to raise awareness about underrepresented communities in the creative arts sector, using art as a tool for change. Our founder Miss Jacqui has spent over 15+ years creating, performing, and advocating for change in different industries, and a black disabled woman, she truly knows what it means and takes to make an active change.

Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations to have confidence in discussing access and inclusion to make for a better industry. By bridging the gap between marginalised communities and the creative industry, providing an opportunity to learn and grow in skills, and being a voice for the often unheard.

DRURAE offers a vibrant, knowledgeable, and kind space for learning, with a wealth of lived experiences. We take pride in everything we do with enthusiasm and understanding.

Our Underlying Principles are:

  • Dignity for creatives
  • Representation in organisations and on projects
  • Unity of artists and industries
  • Respect for voice often unheard
  • Ambition not at the cost of access and inclusion
  • Equality for all